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Is this real life? I mean, come on! Love this little mama, her sweet hubby and baby Rylie! I cannot wait to meet and snuggle with her. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a mini-shoot with Karleigh and Hunter, and even though it was so cold and windy, they stuck with me so we could get some shots. Oh, and Rylie’s little shoes and precious room really made me have baby fever, but how could it not?



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So excited to be launching our new website and brand! Above are photos of what really helped shape and redesign our business. Whether it be a retail store, type of weather, or someone’s Instagram, oh boy have we been inspired. We have decided to really tune in on what it is that fulls our passion and focus on how we can fill our life with love and pure happiness. Rather than working three times as hard, we are appealing to clients that share the same outlook on life as us, and building relationships with them that will last a lifetime. We love people, culture and travel, and are thrilled to be bringing these aspects into Grey to Blue. Over the past three months, I (Mikenzie) have been really searching for why it is I chose this job. Besides Tim twisting my arm and saying “Why not?!”, why did I take the leap, and eventually depend on GTB income completely?

Because it’s my way to “Be the Change”. I love photography, kids, people in love, and all my coffee dates with clients, but I am so passionate about advocating for disabilities, adoption, third-world suffering and poverty. I have been so fortunate that my business has continued to grow since August 2012, but i’m not stopping now. We have over 100 weddings, engagements and bridals under our belt, and while I will continue to accept more into 2016, I am ready for the next step.
Well, let me rephrase that. I’m not ready, but who ever is?

If I wait until I am comfortable and financially stable before moving to our next phase, I won’t ever do it. That’s just the truth.
Now, these aren’t the wildest of dreams, and they definitely aren’t so drastic that I may go bankrupt. They are ideas that I want to pursue because of my love for people, and desire to “be the change”. That is my ultimate goal in life. To make a difference. To do something that lasts. Something that helps.

1. Begin collaborating with non-profits and offering photo-journalism services.

2. Hire multiple photographers from all around the country that have the same ideals and mindset, and make magic happen!

3. Gain sponsors through our site and blog that feature these issues that need to be brought to light.

4. Take at least two trips for the sole purpose of documenting a struggle, issue or hardship that needs attention

5. Move publishing and features up on my priority list. I’ve never put much effort into getting our name out there, but this is how we grow!

Majority of you reading this have supported GTB since day one, and I am so grateful. I hope you stick with us through this transition period and come out shining bright with us in the end!

Here’s to change, uncertainty, and being your own boss!



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