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About Me



 My name is Mikenzie and these cute guys are my partners in this crazy life. Tim, our pup Obi, and our adorable daughter Atlas Jade.

We are quirky, restless, and have no problem hanging off waterfalls or jumping off bridges (but only if a bungee cord is attached). We can’t sit still, we love to travel, and we don’t plan on settling down anytime soon. My life motto is “be the change you want to see in the world”, and I am so glad I have a husband that supports me on my mission to live it out. Whew, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about my best friend (cue Rob and Big)….

I started exploring photography out of a passion for genuine creativity and a love for culture of all kind. Since 2013, I have been lucky enough to have the freedom of working from anywhere I’d like and photograph weddings and portraits in the States and Africa! Seriously, I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world!


Where is your home? Well, you should know by now that we are kind of gypsies. I think we agree that our family won’t be able to stay put for too long in one spot! But home? Home is Texas. Currently we are living in New Braunfels!

What’s on your iPod? That’s a loaded question! Here are some of my tops on my playlists. Editing Playlist: Explosions in the sky, Bon Iver, David Grey, Angus and Julia Stone Dance/Workout Playlist: TSwift, Uptown Funk, Clean Bandit, Vampire Weekend Everyday Life: DMB, Paper Kites, Birdy, 21 Pilots, Ed Sheeran, anything acoustic and soothing. Oh, and my hubbies awesome songs.

What’s your downtime consist of? I’m currently snuggling up with our newest addition to the family, our daughter Atlas Jade! She’s the sweetest and staying home with her has been a total dream. We also just remodeled an RV and moved in, full time. So I have been obsessing over decorating our tiny home!

Items you always have stocked? Almond Butter || Fresh flowers || Dry Shampoo || Smoothie ingredients

Current Obsessions? Minimalist living || Tinted moisturizer || Capsule closet || Lara Bars || My next tattoo || My next photojournalism project

Where to next?
We are planning our next road trip/backpacking adventures around the USA to finish off the states we have yet to visit! But, lets be honest, our list is endless!

Photography, why?! Seriously? Why NOT? I literally work from home, the road, even Africa! I also get to drink coffee with brides, talk wedding plans, and then help make their weddings as memorable as possible. Being a wedding photographer is the best job ever.