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Launch Day!

Hi friends!

Today is a big day for the business, but even more exciting for me and my family! Let me start from the beginning….

When I found out I was pregnant with Attie, I started to panic about what that would mean for my career and business. Grey to Blue was more than a full time job. I worked 60 hours a week to keep everything running smoothly. But now that I had a sweet baby to think about, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to juggle it all. I wanted to be able to focus on Atlas and not start working 60 hours a week while she was still so little. Cue lots of crying, stress and meltdowns that ended in binge eating donuts and hot Cheetos. I felt overwhelmed and torn between choosing the business I’ve been building for over four years, and growing our family. Then, I met Kiera!

In November I helped spearhead a community project with the Austin Rising Tide group, which lead me to connecting with Kiera. We chatted, she reminded me of how we used to compete in tennis tournaments against each other, and we totally hit it off. So when I saw her posting about France Photography in the RTS group, I reached out to schedule a meet up and hear more. Over a cup of Moon Milk (shoutout Summermoon!), she explained how she worked with France Photographers, an all female team based out of San Diego that was opening a studio in Austin! I was already sold when I heard how Sara, the owner, is passionate about empowering women, but I was practically begging to be on the team once she explained how their freedom is priority.



Instead of running a business on your own and having to tackle all the parts you love, AND the parts you don’t, you delegate within the team. For example, I can’t use Photoshop to save my life, but I can strategize on social media like a boss. Joining FP means no more Photoshop for me, and a whole lot more of Instagram! This helps free up my time, and allows me to continue running the parts of the business I actually enjoy! Not only this, but I will also be able to continue my wedding photography career while spending more time with my squishy baby! Really, it was a total dream come true.

Fast forward a couple months and I was able to meet Sara, who happens to be an amazing human, and graciously offered me a spot on their Austin team. I couldn’t be more excited about how great of a fit this team is, the community of women, the education of experienced photographers and the freedom that comes with working with a team. They have all encouraged me during this new stage of motherhood, and have done everything possible to make this launch smooth and as easy for me as possible. I cannot wait for all the future weddings, retreats and friendships that I know the future holds <3

From this point forward I will be shooting weddings and portraits as Mikenzie Ryan of France Photographers. I will still be filling up my schedule with beautiful brides, seniors and anyone else who may need a photographer! Now, what will happen with Grey to Blue?! In the future, GTB will become my personal photography brand. Joining FP means I have more time for my family, but also for my other passions! I will be starting to partner with more non-profits and GTB will become my business of photojournalism and non-profit work. For right now, I am focusing on my new family and my relationship with the ladies at France Photography, but GTB will make a comeback once things are settled!



Thank you to everyone who has helped get GTB off the ground, succeed and become something I never dreamt possible. I couldn’t have had this opportunity without all of my clients and supporters, so I am forever grateful!

Stay tuned for more on GTB and make sure to follow our new journey with FP!




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