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Using a Travel Agent for Your Honeymoon

Today we have one of my favorite wedding planners, and friends, sharing why it’s such a great idea to use a travel agent for your honeymoon! For a lot of people, this probably never crossed your mind, but Jessica, of Uptown Events, is here to share why this is a growing trend, and rightfully so!


Booking your honeymoon sounds like a fun task, but once you hop online and start researching all the possibilities it can quickly become overwhelming! That is where a travel agent comes in, or as now sometimes referred to as a Travel Advisor.

As a professional travel advisor specializing in honeymoons, I routinely work with couples that have never used a travel agent before. With new clients I am constantly asked two common questions-

  • Why should I use a travel agent for my honeymoon?
  • What does it cost to use a travel agent?

So here are the top 5 reasons why you should use a travel agent for your honeymoon-

  1. Time Savings- A Travel Advisor will save you hours blindly searching online for the best deals. They know what is out there and know what to recommend for your preferences and budget.
  2. The Perfect Match- Your travel advisor will match you to the right destination, hotel, cruise, etc. When you call up a cruise line to book, they aren’t going to tell you that their competitor is actually a better fit for you, but your travel advisor will!




  3. Insider Access- Based upon their past experiences and education, your Travel Advisor can get you into unique and special places you’d never come across on your own. They know about all the new trendy resorts and the hidden gems that don’t even have a website. Their inside knowledge will ensure you have the best trip possible!


  4. Troubleshooting- Miss your connecting flight, lost luggage, possible impending hurricane…. Your travel advisor will be your safety net to catch you if any issues arise. If anything goes awry, they can step in to fix things and make them right.
  5. VIP Treatment- They will be able to get you extra value added amenities you can’t get on your own- welcome gifts upon arrival, room upgrades, free breakfasts, spa credits and more.


And if this isn’t enough, the best part about using a travel advisor is that all of these services either require a very minimal cost or are completely free. Depending upon the complexity of the trip, a travel advisor may charge a small planning fee to cover the time they put into creating a custom itinerary for you. This rate is usually between $50-$250 total. Otherwise, you pay the same no matter if you book on your own or use a travel advisor. Hotels, cruises, and tour operators pay travel advisors a commission, so that is how they make a profit.

So between time savings, insider access, and my favorite- VIP treatment, all at a very minimal cost (or possibly none at all) using a travel advisor for your honeymoon is definitely a win-win situation for you!

I hope this has given you a better idea of what to expect when using a travel advisor. When you find yourself ready to begin planning your honeymoon, I’d love to help!

Thanks and best wishes,

Jessica Upton




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