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Calligraphy at Your Wedding

Ever wondered how to get your wedding to look like those in the magazines? I swear, it’s all in the details! If you want to have a pinterest perfect wedding, which, let’s admit, doesn’t sound too bad, you are going to need to work with genius creatives like Katelyn at August & Ember! Not only is she a total doll, but she makes the most gorgeous calligraphy products for your special day. Today she is chatting a little about how you can incorporate calligraphy into your wedding to make it beautiful, unique, and so special!




From the expert herself-
4 Creative Ways to Incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Wedding Details

Although its roots are in ancient times, there’s no doubt that calligraphy is making a comeback in modern weddings. It’s one of the easiest ways to wow your guests, whether they’re discovering your invitation in their mailbox, or leaving your wedding with a hand-calligraphed favor. The art of calligraphy is here to stay, and if you’re interested in including some of those unique, artistic elements in your wedding, but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading!

1 | Invitations & Envelopes

I think we can all agree that invitations are a pretty integral part of your making sure your friends and family have all of the details they need to make it to your wedding, but they are also the very first thing your guests will see from your wedding. Invitations typically set the tone and formality of the event, and it certainly takes it up a notch to include your names, your venue, or even the entire invitation with handwritten details. By including envelopes adorned with calligraphy, it’s like sending a personal piece of art in the mail! I can assure you that your guests will feel special finding that personalized envelope sandwiched between bills, junk mail, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons.


Photo by Sealed with a Kiss Photography

2 | Wood signs

Wood signs are a huge trend in wedding decor, but I also love the idea of being able to use it as home decor once the vows are exchanged and the champagne is popped. Whether you choose to use a quote that’s special to you and your groom, your new last name, meaningful scripture, or something else, it’s just another way of having a tangible reminder of your big day hanging in your newlywed home!



3 | Escort/Place Cards

Not only will escort cards give your guests a way to find their seat, they can also act as a keepsake to remember your big day. Fortunately, just about anything can be used as a place card when calligraphy is involved! You can get creative with different types of mediums, such as stones, leaves, agate slices, shells, or tiles, or you can keep it simple and traditional by using paper (the possibilities are endless!).


Photo by Kristina Ross Photography


4 | Calligraphy vows

Admittedly, this is something that’s more relevant after your wedding (hint: the 1st anniversary is traditionally paper!). Calligraphed vows make a unique and special addition to your home decor, such as hung over your bed or displayed on your dresser where you’ll be reminded of the promises you made to your spouse each and every day. Whether you choose to go with traditional wording or write your own, your vows are always going to hold a special place in your heart and are incredibly important to remember as you navigate life as a married couple.


Katelyn Truitt

Owner + Designer
August & Ember


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