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Personal Valentines Gifts!

Happy February! Valentines day is sneaking up on us, and you know that you need to get something good for that special person in your life! What could be more personal and romantic than a photo gift?! We’ve made a list of our favorite products that you can order using your most treasured photos! Trust me, you can’t go wrong with any of these babies!

Instagram book!
We are always sharing our favorite photos on Instagram, but having them in their own little book makes all the memories come flooding back. Add photos from Instagram, FB, or upload new images to complete your adorable 5×5 photo book. I make one of these each year, and the best part is getting to sit on the couch and relive all our memories from the last year. So special! Plus, the pricing starts at just $18! Find them here!

Polaroid + Wooden Block
Confused? Take a peak of what i’m talking about here! If you know someone who needs a little decoration for their office desk, this is the perfect, adorable, solution. Modern, sleek, and unique. Best part? You don’t have to pick just one! Order a stack of photos so they can change it out and always spice up the look! Bonus: This is great for male or female! Nothing too girly about a wooden block!

Personalized Calendar!
Can’t pick just one favorite photo? Make a calendar with your favorite images that represent each month! I have one hanging above my desk and it is my favorite part about a new month coming up! Plus, these aren’t those cheesy, collage calendars. They look super modern and allow for all kinds of customization, without sacrificing class. Male or female, this gift is sure to be a winner!

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