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Maternity Leave

Happy Wednesday!

We are officially in the last month of pregnancy, and while we are so ready for our sweet baby to be here, I am looking forward to the next month of down time and relaxing. My apartment needs a good cleaning, my closet needs purging and my stack of library books wants some attention! A month off is EXACTLY what my body, mind and baby all need!

So, what does that mean for the business? 
I will be taking maternity leave from February 1st-April 17th. During this time I will have automatic responses set up for any emails sent our way, and will check them randomly, making sure there aren’t any emergencies! If there is something that I consider an emergency, I will be contacting you ASAP. I will also be present on Instagram, sharing an overload of baby snap shots! So make sure to follow along with us (@greytobluephotography). Lastly, we have super fun guest bloggers coming in to take over our weekly blog posts! These will range in topic, so be on the look out for some amazing articles.

I have the BEST community that has guided me through streamlining the back side of the business, and helping me get all set up so I can enjoy all the baby snuggles without having any stress! I’m not sure what I would do without them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the time with Atlas, rather than worrying about the business. It really is the best gift!

So, until April, see ya later!

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