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Floral Tips for Brides

Planning a wedding can be fun, stressful, exciting, and expensive, all at the same time! Wedding vendors don’t want it to be this way, it’s just a new experience for most brides-to-be, and unknown territory! Each aspect of a wedding is different, and your experience will range tremendously when working with florists, planners and DJ’s. Grey to Blue is excited to start a new series that will hopefully help guide couples through the process with more knowledge about what they want, how each vendor works and, fingers crossed, help relieve the stress and overspending that comes with wedding planning!

First up on our list is florists! Luckily, we’ve brought in one of our favorite wedding florists to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions and give you some confidence for when you tackle this aspect of your planning!

Everyone, welcome Kayli, owner and creative mastermind behind The Bloom Bar in San Marcos, Texas!


Hi there, I’m Kayli! I’m so excited to share some of my tips for choosing the right florals for your wedding.

I might be a bit biased, but I feel like fresh flowers really make a wedding so special. There is nothing like the sweet smells and lush texture they add to your big day, and they really have a wow factor with your guests. But just because flowers are lush and luxurious, it doesn’t mean they have to break the bank! One of my favorite things to do is guide my clients to find their wedding style in florals and make wise decisions when it comes to their décor. Here are a few of my top tips and frequently asked questions:

Where to splurge and where to save?!

My number one suggestion is to invest in your bridal bouquet. It will most likely be your most photographed piece, so save your most expensive flowers for this beauty. For example, pricier blooms like peonies or anemones can get expensive when used in all centerpieces and arch installations, but a few pops of these stunners in your bridal bouquet is perfect. It is your day after all. ☺ I also suggest having at least one “showstopper” bouquet—whether that’s a gorgeous and artful sign-in arrangement or a stunning arch installation. Going heavier on greenery is super hot right now, so find ways to incorporate multiple textures and colors of greenery will make a big impact at a budget-conscious price. I always suggest saving in the centerpiece department—Having 2-3 options of centerpieces helps to give you some florals through centerpieces, but you can also saving by using lanterns or candles with lots of greenery. Again—I’m always conscious of what is going to be photographed the most, and every centerpiece certainly won’t be.

Choose by color palette, not stem by stem.

One of my favorite ways to design is to work directly with my growers to curate a gorgeous collection of blooms for my brides. The growers know exactly what is looking its best day-to-day, so when brides give me the flexibility and freedom to design by style and color palette vs. choosing each individual stem, the results are usually so much better. My growers always surprise me with unique blooms and textures, and when I can use my best judgement to style the stems for my brides it’s the best! Being super particular about certain flowers (especially when they are out of season) puts us in a tough spot sometimes—we of course want to honor your wishes, but have to make a judgement call if the blooms are looking less than their very best. This is an important conversation to have with your florist—and why choosing one who aligns with your style is so important.

A note about vases and vessels:

Ask your florist upfront if they have vintage vessels or vases to rent. So many brides feel the pressure to collect tons of vases (which is cool if that’s your thing!) If you do decide to use your own vases, be sure to either communicate their size to your florist or give them the vases at least a month in advance. The openings or vases vary so greatly, so it’s important for us to know exactly how many blooms to order for the vase size. The pros of having your own vases is that you get to keep them at the end of the night or give them out to guests, but sometimes its easier and more affordable to use the florists inventory.

And there you have it! Choosing flowers should be a fun and inspiring experience. Just stay true to yourself and your personal style, and have an open line of communication with your florist along the way!








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