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Before Baby Bucket List

I mentioned a while back that I was working on making a list of all the things to do/really appreciate before  Atlas enters this world. I got such great feedback and so many wonderful ideas from moms and I have been putting this list into action ever since! Atlas is already our greatest gift, but I know life as we know it will be turned upside down once she arrives. So, until that day comes, I am no longer taking advantage of mornings without any type of alarm, random Netflix binges, reading novels by the chapter, quiet morning walks or spontaneous date nights! Tim and I are taking full advantage of enjoying our marriage, each other’s company and our daily routines.

1. Read two novels
2. Take a road trip
3. Babymoon!
4. Change our last name
5. Clean out my closet
6. Move office into extra room and start the nursery!
7. Sand and stain coffee table
8. Paint printer table
9. Play new version of Catan
10. Get new curtains for our bedroom
11. Spa day with Brandie!
12. See a movie in theaters
13. Take Obi to a new park
14. Take a spontaneous date night/day
15. Go see a concert!
16. Go on a date with myself
17. Try a new workout class
18. Stop dreading meal planning and enjoy the time I get to prep my weeks worth of healthy food!

As humans, we have a hard time living in the present and not being anxious for what is too come. I am hoping this list helps me appreciate where I am at, while looking forward to what is coming in the next months!

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