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Goodbye 2015!

As an Austin, Texas Wedding photographer, the competition is top notch. I mean, competing against my idols is such an honor and I can’t imagine shooting in any other city. This year has been full of laughter, struggles and so many memories. Grey to Blue has brought so much joy (and stress!) to my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful. In honor of the new year coming up, I decided to reminisce on my favorite 2015 memories, photographs and vendors. So humor me while I play a little game of “Remember When…”

…I fell in love with glow stick send off’s?!

Kyle Texas Wedding Photographer-6PINTHIS

….the Watson wedding changed my outlook on the color lavender.

Kyle Texas Wedding Photographer-4PINTHIS


…the Palm Door on Sixth had the most amazing lighting.Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-355PINTHIS

…we hired this party animal onto our team!

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-374PINTHIS

…this precious shot happened.

New Braunfels Family Photographer-67PINTHIS


…we were reminded that every wedding is better with a band.

Austin Texas Wedding Photography-478PINTHIS

…flash flooding didn’t stop us from getting gorgeous photos,




…technology never failed us. Grandparents unable to make the wedding, danced at the reception!

Austin Texas Wedding Photography-347PINTHIS

Sugar Mama’s made the most dreamy cake.Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-240PINTHIS

…Grey to Blue took part in our first bridal show, The Big Fake Wedding.

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-205PINTHIS


…we decided to be brave and be creative with our photos.

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-201PINTHIS


…I was reminded of the little joy’s of life by this beautiful senior.

Austin Texas Graduate Photos-14PINTHIS

…I shot my first styled shoot at Enchanted Rock.



…and then that couple actually got engaged?!

Enchanted Rock Elopement-62PINTHIS

…I learned that Hawaiians are the real life of the party.



…a new, better, version of the “dollar dance” at weddings was brought to my attention.



…a three year old taught me how to “whip & nae nae”


…I got to play in caves with clients.



…and it turned out amazing.H90A0054PINTHIS


…my beautiful step sister got engaged to the best guy on the planet!




…the most awesome mother son dance happened.



…we shot a wedding and then the couple became our good friends and Tim’s boss!



Camp Lucy stole my heart.



…sweet baby Rylie was born.




…my best friend in the whole world became a mama!

H90A0242PINTHIS…this lighting happened and I almost died.
Cedar Bend Wedding Photography-385PINTHIS


…I learned that Go Pro’s belong on the end of a bottle of Fireball.New Braunfels Wedding Photographer-137PINTHIS


Beautifully Bevilled made invitation sets that were to die for!

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-66PINTHIS


…I started focusing more on the groom’s accessories.

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-91PINTHIS


Sweetwater Stems made extraordinarily creative place settings.

Big Fake Wedding Photographer Austin Texas-109PINTHIS



…I was proven wrong about plaid in photos.New Braunfels Photographer-33PINTHIS

…I shot a wedding on a boat.


Becca made me feel beautiful!




…my husband never stopped surprising me.DSC_5458PINTHIS



…and we never stopped being ourselves.DSC_5633PINTHIS



…we started our newest adventure when we moved into a 160 sq. ft. RV?!RV-remodel_PINTHIS


2015 has been an extraordinary year full of joy, success and laughter. 2016, we are comin’ for ya!




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