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    "I am happy to report that in the war between reality and romance, reality is not the stronger."

    John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie


Kristen + Craig

So much joy! Oh my goodness. Kristen and Craig are two of my favorite people ever. They have the most down to earth,

Ranch Life

I am so lucky to not only have a family that is loving, fun and plain awesome, but a beautiful place to all get

Megan + Drew

May couldn’t be here soon enough. I cannot wait to see these two tie the knot. I love all my brides, but the ones


Caitlin and I were friends in high school, but up until January, I hadn’t seen her for years. I contacted her

Tanya & Lee

Finally getting to blog my first 2015 wedding! I am so glad Tanya and Lee chose me to shoot their special day out at

Yvette & Jared

Today is all about Yvette, Jared, and their precious family! I had the great pleasure of shooting their engagement

Baby Landon

I have been so lucky to have the best, most beautiful friends in existence. World, meet Aerial. Aerial has been one of

Minimalist Packing

Hello Ladies and Gents!   I recently took a trip to the ever so interesting state of Virginia to visit one of my

Daily Adventures

Sometimes my life gets messy and insanely busy. My google calendar is color coded and scheduled down to every 15